21-Life Of A Whole House Generator

Life Of A Whole House Generator

Buying a whole house generator is a substantial financial commitment. You could be paying anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000 for a suitable unit (including installation and maintenance costs). 

For that reason, you want something that is going to provide you with a good return on your investment. If a generator stops working in a couple of years, it could leave you severely out of pocket. 

How Long, On Average, Will A Standby Generator Last?

Fortunately, quality standby generators will generally last a very long time. Most owners who use their generators for infrequent power cuts can expect their unit to continue running for up to 20+ years, however GSC recommends replacing units after 10 years to ensure the units perform when expected due to wear and tear and ongoing maintenance. 

How Long Can A Generator Run?

Diesel and propane generators generally come with fuel tanks that allow them to run continuously for 24 hours. Natural gas-powered versions can continue operating indefinitely because they draw fuel from the mains supply.

In principle, there is no reason why a generator cannot supply power to your home continuously, so long as you provide it with the necessary fuel. However, most generators eventually run into heat problems which cause them to shut off. Thus, during extended power outages, you may want to turn your generator off for a few minutes and then turn it back on again to allow it to cool. You can also try turning off all non-essential appliances and light fittings, reducing the load on the generator. Over many hours of operation, this will reduce the heat generated and ensure that the generator operates well below peak capacity. 

How To Extend The Life Of Your Generator

How long your generator lasts depends on several factors. These include how often you need to switch it on, how long it runs in any given session, the maintenance that it receives over its lifetimes, and the quality of the unit itself. 

Generator Supercenter of Denton is a great option for anyone looking to increase the lifespan of their generator. We offer two distinct benefits over cheaper rivals: 

  1. High-quality and reliable Generac generators are preferred by seven out of ten homeowners who invest in backup power.
  2. Our GenMonitor program ensures that your generator continues to perform optimally

Generac generators use advanced technology to ensure that they continue running for longer than their cheaper imported counterparts. Engines, for instance, feature Cold Smart Start – a technology that monitors ambient temperature, allowing the engine to warm prior to starting. They also use pressure lubrication to ensure that lubricating oil is available the moment you start the engine. 

Generator Supercenter of Denton’s GenMonitor program adds to this reliability by automating generator servicing. As experts, we arrange a maintenance timetable for you, ensuring that your generator is ready to go whenever you need it. The GenMonitor Program includes 24/7 generator monitoring by our team of experts, routine maintenance, remote diagnostics (in case something goes wrong), and fast, in-person response if you run into mechanical issues. 

Aside from these perks, you can also extend the life of your generator in other ways. 

First, you can ensure that your generator can “exercise” a couple of times per week. Switching it on for 20 or 30 minutes prevents moisture buildup and avoids “wet stacking” where unburnt fuel builds up in the exhaust system and fouls the injectors. 

(Some generator models have auto-exercise systems that will switch them on periodically, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, you may not have to manually switch them on yourself, depending on the product you buy).

Second, if you are not using our GenMonitor Program, you should perform regular maintenance. Tasks should include testing the battery, cleaning the internals, changing the oil and checking the oil lines for blockages and leaks. 

Lastly, you should ensure that you only use your generator when you need it. The best generators automatically switch on and off, depending on the status of your mains power supply. When the supply fails, they switch on within a matter of seconds, and when technicians restore it, the generator switches off again. 

In summary, if you want to protect your generator and extend its life, you need to look after it properly. Otherwise, you risk wasting your initial investment. 

Generator Supercenter of Denton’s GenMonitor program negates the need for you to service your generator yourself. Furthermore, we provide remote monitoring and in-person assistance, allowing us to detect and resolve any mechanical issues with your generator, should they arise. Call us today at 940-320-5600 or visit our showroom at 3801 North Interstate 35, Suite 146, Denton, TX 76207.

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